Bartalotti: Low-income housing often clustered together

August 30, 2021

Otavio BartalottiOtavio Bartalotti, associate professor, was interviewed for an Aug. 30 Quad-City Times story, "What's going up? Davenport's rental prices. And if you are a low-wage earner, you might not be able to keep up."

Otávio Bartalotti, professor of economics at Iowa State University, who studies economic mobility, said it is common to see low-income housing clustered in one part of a city.

“They have more difficult characteristics,” Bartalotti said.

Revitalization of older buildings in communities with lower incomes can help to meet the housing needs of a city while revitalizing communities, according to Bartalotti. But new low-income housing being distributed across the city would help to combat segregation.

“It would allow for better access to public services in more integrated neighborhoods, both racially and income wise,” Bartalotti said.

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