How to draft economic system law?

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My name is Por Chandara, government officer, responsible for law and policy making. May I seek for your kind support. I want to propose a LAW ON ECONOMIC SYSTEM OF THE KINGDOM OF CAMBODIA but I have no idea where and what I should start with. May you provide me some input and samples for drafting the law.


You have asked a very interesting question. Without more specific information, it would take volumes to answer this general question appropriately; however, I can point you to a few resources that may be useful.

        The Congressional Research Service writes frequent documents to educate Congress (our lawmaking body) on issues to inform the lawmaking process. I have searched such reports for those related to economics. This result set may be useful to you.

        The Joint Committee on Taxation website may also be useful. This group must review all legislation that impacts revenue generated through taxation. You can find key laws that have been passed referenced and detailed, along with their projected economic impact.

      The OMB reviews the economic impact of regulations:

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Last updated on May 22, 2020