Composition of the American workforce


What percent of the US workforce is employed in local, county, state and federal government? Average yearly income of governmental workers? Average yearly income of non-government workers?


I found a policy report that might be a little dated (2013) but I think is probably still relevant. You can find the report here: <>

The report states that in 2013, public sector jobs accounted for 16.0% of total employment. They also have the percentages of employment at different levels of the government.

The BLS estimates employment to be ~14% in 2018 for state, local and federal government.


This article has a nice little segment on the differences in wages across public and private:<>

They write: In May 2012, the BLS found that on average, workers employed at the federal, state and local governments made more than those employed by the private sector. Private sector workers reported an average salary of $44,600 per year while public workers reported an average salary of $51,840 per year. However, they also talk about how these statistics are an average and it depends on what kind of private sector job you take.

The BLS posts its wage estimates here-- <> 2018 is the most recent data that they have available.

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July 31, 2020

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