Alums gather in Beijing

March 19, 2019

Several department alums met for a get-together in a restaurant near Tsinghua University while all were in Beijing recently. Jing came from Zhejiang province to Beijing to give a talk and Jingbo came from Hubei province to Beijing to attend a conference.

In photo from left: Li Yu, student of Peter Orazem, now at Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing; Jingbo Cui, student of Harvey Lapan and GianCarlo Moschini, now at Wuhan University but will go to Duke University at Kunshan in fall; Jing Dai, student of Professor Cantor (Business school), now in University of Nottingham at Ningbo, Zhejiang; Sherry Qiao, student of Joydeep Bhattacharya and Professor Cheng Wang, now working in Tsinghua University, Beijing; Min Wang, student of Joydeep Bhattacharya, now working in Peking University, Beijing.