Ag bus senior wins Outstanding Ambassador award

December 10, 2018

Kayleigh KochThe CALS Student Council will present the 2018 Senior Outstanding Ambassador of Agriculture Award to Kayleigh Koch, ag bus senior from Hawkeye, Iowa. The graduating senior who served as CALS Ambassador, will be recognized for her efforts in recruitment and other support for the college.

"I’ve been involved in numerous activities while at Iowa State, but among the most impactful include Sigma Alpha, CALS Council, CALS Ambassadors, and the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. I am most thankful for the leadership opportunities that these have provided, along with the people that I’ve worked with along the way. I’m just so incredibly thankful that the agricultural community is tight-knit and supportive, and I know that the connections made at Iowa State will follow me into the agricultural industry in the future."