After three decades at ISU, Swenson looks forward to retirement

March 10, 2022

David Swenson After a thirty-two-year career with Iowa State, David Swenson, research scientist, is looking forward to March 18, 2022, his last day in the department.

As an economics department research scientist, Swenson is the author of multiple journal articles, book chapters and more than 130 applied research reports, and has received awards from Iowa State, the University of Iowa, the University Economic Development Association, the Community Policy Analysis Network, and others.  

Besides doing publicly-sponsored economic impact research, and providing technical assistance and direct consultation for state agencies and executives, his public engagement includes dozens of presentations as keynote speaker and panelist for a wide range of conferences and summits. He is a frequent contributor to every major Iowa media outlet, as well as national media, including NBC Evening News, Detroit Public Television, The News Hour, Marketplace, Scientific American, National Public Radio, Public Radio International, Nevada Public Radio, Missouri Public Radio, St. Louis Public Radio, Harvest Public Media, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Reuters, AP, Bloomberg Financial, and the Minneapolis Tribune. 

Swenson eagerly anticipates the future, but adds, "It’s been my pleasure and honor to serve the state of Iowa in this department for the past three decades."

Be sure to drop in to Heady before Friday to congratulate Dave on his accomplishments and wish him well on his upcoming retirement! 

david Swenson David Swenson David Swenson David Swenson
David Swenson David Swenson Dave Swenson David Swenson