Academic Misconduct Resources for Instructors

August 23, 2017

The ISU Office of Student Conduct has developed brief (5-6 minute) informational videos to inform students and faculty/staff about the disciplinary policy and process around academic misconduct at Iowa State. Linked below, the student video discusses types of misconduct, the disciplinary process and outcomes, and other information they should know. The faculty video discusses commonly referred types of misconduct, steps for contacting students and documenting misconduct, the referral process, suggestions for discouraging misconduct, and consultation options. We would ask you to consider sharing these resources with your students, and to review individually as a resource should you encounter this in your classroom.

Academic Misconduct Information for Students: (5:18)

Academic Misconduct Information for Faculty: (5:43)

The attached infographic provides quick information to faculty on the process related to academic misconduct.  These resources and more are available at our resource website:  

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