2023 Pork Outlook: A Recipe for Fireworks?

December 22, 2022

Associate Professor Lee SchulzAssociate Professor Lee Schulz was interviewed by Farm Journal for the story "2023 Pork Outlook: A Recipe for Fireworks?," which examines possible difficulties that US pork producers may face in 2023.

Schulz told Farm Journal that, according to the Iowa State University model for farrow to finish production, costs increased 27% or $17/carcass cwt in 2021 compared to 2020. Costs increased 18% or $15/carcass cwt in 2022 compared to 2021. “This translates into an increase of over $60 per head in just two years. Costs are forecasted to remain at, or maybe slightly below, these record levels in 2023. Feed costs have been a big part of this increase, but pork producers use numerous inputs and services which have all been higher in 2022.”

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