2023-2024 Ph.D. Job Market Candidates

Placement Director

John Winters

Xuche Gong

Research Interests: Risk Management, Agricultural Production and Policy, Behavioral Economics, Environmental Economics. 

Job market paper: Insure at the Break-even: a Target Income Model of Farmers’ Crop Insurance Choices  

CV | Major Professors: David A. Hennessy, Hongli Feng

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Sriparna Goswami

Research Interests: Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics, Causal Inference 

Job market paper: Advertising Spillovers and Consumer Awareness in the Craft Beer Market

CV | Major Professor: Donghyuk Kim

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Mahendra Singh

Research Interests: Commodity Markets, Financial Economics, Risk Management, Agricultural Economics 

Job market paper: Market Stress in Agricultural Markets: Can Alternative Implied Volatility Measures Predict It? 

CV | Major Professor: Sergio H Lence 

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T. Jake Smith

Research Interests: Innovation and Technology Adoption, Agricultural and Environmental Economics, Industrial Organization

Job market paper: Technology Adoption, Learning by Doing, and Reallocation

CV | Major Professor: GianCarlo Moschini

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Levi Soborowicz

Research Interests: Transportation, Labor, IO, Trade

Job market paper: Occupational switching for truck drivers and related professions

CV | Major Professor: Donghyuk Kim

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Tugba Somuncu

Research Interests: Environmental Economics, Labor Economics, Public Economics

Job market paper: Environmental Regulations, Imperfect Mobility, and the Gender Adaptation Gap

CV | Major Professors: Brent Kreider, Gary Lyn

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Kyubin Yim

Research Interests: The Economics of Networks/Experimental and Behavioral Economics/Labor Economics/Finance

Job market paper: The effect of networks on cooperation in the finitely repeated prisoner’s dilemma

CV | Major Professor: Elizabeth Hoffman

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Yue Zhao

Research Interests: Agriculture Economics, Energy Economics 

Job market paper: Precautionary Motives in Corn Optimal Seeding Rate Decisions

CV | Major Professor: David Hennessy

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