2022-2023 Ph.D. Job Market Candidates

Placement Director

Otavio Bartalotti

The 2022-2023 Job market candidates 

Xinyu Guo

Areas of interest: Industrial Organization; Environmental & Resource Economics

Job market paper: "Subsidies in cap-and-trade regulation: can society benefit and who captures them?"

CV  | Major professor: Quinn Weninger

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Xiaoyin Li 

Areas of interest: Labor Economics; Applied Microeconomics; Health Economics

Job market paper: "Does Work Eligibility Work for Foreign-born Wormen? H-4 Visa Policy and Labor Outcomes"

CV  | Major professor: John Winters

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Wenran Fan

Areas of interest: Environmental Economics; Non-market Valuation

Job market paper: "The Economic Impact of Mircobeads Ban on Face Cleansers"

CV  | Major professor: Dr. Wendong ZhangDr. John Crespi

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Eseul Choi

Areas of interest: Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics; Environmental and Ecological Economics; Behavioral Economics; Applied Econometrics

Job market paper: "Does the target matter? The Dynamic Labor Decision of Fishermen"

CV  | Major professor: Quinn Weninger

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Dinesh Poddaturi

Areas of interest: Agricultural Economics; Industrial Organization; Econometrics; Data Science; Mathematical and Quantitative Methods; Computational Economics; Environmental Economics

Job market paper: "A Dynamic Assessment of the Economic Impacts of a Foot-and-Mouth Disease Outbreak on the U.S. Beef Cattle Industry"

CV  | Major professor: Lee L Schulz; Chad E Hart

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Kyunghoon Ban

Areas of interest: Applied Econometrics; Causal Inference; Agricultural Economics

Job market paper: "Generalized Difference-in-Differences Models: Robust Bounds"

CV  | Major professor: Sergio H. Lence; Desire Kedagni 

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Oranuch Wongpiyabovorn

Areas of interest: Agricultural Economics; Environmental Economics

Job market paper: "Pass-through Rates of Corn and Natural Gas Price Changes to Fertilizer Price Changes in the United States"

CV  | Major professor: Chad Hart 

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Hannah Wich

Areas of interest: Public Economics; Health Economics; Food Economics; Applied Microeconomics

Job market paper: "SNAP Adoption and Big Box Purchases"

CV  | Major professor: Brent Kreider; Katie Harris-Lagoudakis

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Haunping Fan

Areas of interest: Macroeconomics; Urban Economics; Applied Econometrics; Health Economics; Labor Economics; Financial Economics

Job market paper: "Precautionary Savings in China: The Role of Health Shocks"

CV  | Major professor: Juan Carlos Cordoba

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Kunwon Ahn

Areas of interest: Labor Economics; Economics of Education; Applied Microeconomics

Job market paper: "The Effect of Relaxation in Labor Laws on Youth Employment: Evidence from Wisconsin"

CV  | Major professor: Peter F. Orazem; John V. Winters

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