2020 Prescott Scholarship awardees named

November 11, 2021

Jim Prescott, professor emeritus, who passed away in 2012, and his wife, Jeri, donated funds to the department to be used for graduate scholarships. The main criterion is creativity in research. This year's James R. Prescott Scholarship in Economics recipients are Kyunghoon Ban, Xiaoyin Li, Nieyan Cheng and Jun Yeong Lee, who are being recognized for creative papers in their research portfolios. Each will receive $5000, their name engraved on the plaque commemorating this accomplishment and dinner with Mrs. Prescott.

Following Jim’s wishes, the department will continue to award Prescott scholarships to creative students advancing through their studies. In addition, Jeri has approved the use of some of these resources to help attract new PhD students the department might not otherwise be able to fund. 

Congratulations to all the recipients!