2020 David A. Kendrick Distinguished Service Award to Tesfatsion

September 16, 2020

Dr. Leigh TesfatsionThe Society for Computational Economics (SCE) has awarded the David A. Kendrick Distinguished Service Award in 2020 to Leigh Tesfatsion for her pioneering contributions to different areas of Computational Economics, in particular to Agent-based Computational Economics. She is a Research Professor and Professor Emerita of Economics at Iowa State University (ISU) and also a Professor Emerita (Courtesy) of Mathematics and a Professor Emerita (Courtesy) of Electrical and Computer Engineering at ISU. Leigh has published highly influential papers and books highlighting the potential of agent-based simulation as a method for the analysis of economic processes as open-ended dynamic systems of interacting agents. She has demonstrated this potential in different areas of application. In recent years Leigh has published extensively on the analysis of electric power market design using an agent-based computational platform.