“Investing in Rural Prosperity”

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 - 2:00 pm
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The Federal Reserve Board and Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis are co-hosting a webinar to launch their new book, Investing in Rural Prosperity. The session will celebrate the unique assets in rural communities, while making the case for continued investment—specifically in low-income or otherwise under-resourced rural communities. In making this case, speakers will reveal a new “TRIC” framework from the forthcoming book. The “TRIC” framework proposes that most successful rural development efforts are tailored to the specific goals, assets, and organizational infrastructure of the community; designed to be resilient to changing circumstances; intentionally inclusive about who is at the decision-making table and who benefits from local development; and are created and carried out through a collaborative process.

As rural communities seek to recover from the pandemic, this approach will help economic development practitioners, policymakers, funders and researchers in providing inclusive, sustainable access to economic opportunity.

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