Swenson media this week

May 17, 2017

David SwensonDavid Swenson, associate scientist, spoke with:
Patricia Cohen, New York Times, about Iowa’s tight rural labor supply and the difficulty attracting labor to its meat packing facilities

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Swenson speaks to media

May 11, 2017

David SwensonDavid Swenson, associate scientist, provided Louise Dewast, a television producer for France 2, with research and historical background on Midwestern states’ efforts using business tax expenditures to lure or retain businesses and promote job growth.

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Update your device OS, MS Office

May 4, 2017

Summer is a great time to update devices. If you would like to have IT install the latest supported operating systems for your tablet, laptop, or desktop, contact Christopher at  4-6718 or Mike at  4-6219. They will schedule a time to evaluate your computer and will update software and device drivers.

First priority will be Windows 7 devices, but they’d be happy to insure you are current with all updates and drivers regardless of OS.

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Honors students present posters

April 27, 2017

Brian GarridoFive department honors students presented their capstone projects at the Honors Poster Presentation held April 26. The economics seniors who participated were Dawson Barriuso, Jonathan Becker, Rachel Brandt, Brian Garrido, and Alyssa Henderson.

IT Support coverage

April 27, 2017

To increase IT support coverage, and to improve response times, IT will be emphasizing our ticketing database for support. Emailing will route your request to the appropriate person. This will be the most efficient method for seeking assistance. You can continue to get assistance as you have in the past by contacting people directly, but you are encouraged to utilize the ticketing system.

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