Job Market Candidates

Placement Director

John Schroeter, (515) 294-5876,

PhD Candidates
Student Dissertation Title Major Professor(s) CV
Ge, Jiaqi Endogenous Formation and Collapse of Housing Bubbles
Leigh Tesfatsion
Jeon, Hocheol Three essays on environmental economics
Herriges, Joseph A.
Kim, Younjun Essays on regional economics and on experimental and behavioral economics
Peter Orazem, Tanya Rosenblat
Li, Lisha Weather Adjusted Trends in Iowa Corn Yields
Dermot Hayes, Chad Hart
Oh, Miyoung Three essays on Consumer Choices
Helen H. Jensen
Valcu, Adriana Agricultural Nonpoint Source Pollution and Water Quality Trading: Empirical Analysis under Imperfect Cost Information and Measurement Error
Catherine Kling
Yi, DongGyu Three Studies on Environmental Valuation
Joseph A. Herriges
MS Candidates
Student Dissertation Title Major Professor(s) CV
Caviris, Nicole The contributions of college attainment, major choice, and narrowing wage differences within majors to narrowing gender wage gaps, 1966-2011.
Peter Orazem
Kieu, Phuong Nam (in preparation)
Joydeep Bhattacharya
Shadle, Kyrstin (in preparation)
Peter Orazem
Zhao, Tianyue (in preparation)
Brent Kreider