Weekly Announcements for Faculty, Staff, and Students

Thursday, August 27, 2015


  • Office of Equal Opportunity’s Title IX training

    The Division of Student Affairs is continuing its support of the Office of Equal Opportunity’s Title IX training initiative for all enrolled students. The program offered through Iowa State’s Office of Equal Opportunity includes two courses:

    Title IX Awareness, Violence Prevention and Campus Save for Students and

    Unlawful Harassment Prevention for Staff
    (for student employees only)

    New students enrolled for the fall of 2015 will receive notification and instructions for completing this mandatory training. Information and details will be pushed out to students through AccessPlus, email, and a postcard mailing. In addition to new students, students who are currently enrolled and have not yet completed the course(s) will be notified.

    Questions about the Title IX training initiative should be directed to the Office of Equal Opportunity, eooffice@mail.iastate.edu

  • Office of Judicial Affairs renamed

    Effectively immediately, the Office of Judicial Affairs (OJA) has been renamed the Office of Student Conduct.

    The new title is aligned with best practices and denotes an important and intentional distinction between student conduct in a collegiate environment and the standards and proceedings found within the US judicial system. At Iowa State, the name "Judicial Affairs" has often created confusion related to the role of the office and the misperception that there is a direct connection to criminal and/or civil processes.

    Questions or comments may be directed to the Dean of Students Office at 294-1022.

  • Cluster is available to support instruction

    With funding from the Provost, College of LAS, College of Engineering and ITS, a powerful cluster computer has been purchased to support instruction needing High Performance Computing at ISU.  

    Instructors can obtain an account by going to https://hpc.iastate.edu/access/

    Students registered for their classes will automatically be given an account.

    This cluster has 40 compute nodes, 4 nodes with Nvidia K20 GPUs and 4 nodes with Intel Phi co-processors.  For more information see http://hpcgroup.public.iastate.edu/HPC/hpc-class/


  • Department welcomes Professor John Crespi

    The department is pleased to welcome John Crespi to the staff. John comes from the Department of Agricultural Economics at Kansas State University and will join our department as a tenured full professor. 

    John's research interests focus on industrial organization and product differentiation issues in food and agriculture, including such specific topics as commodity promotion and advertising, food safety regulations, food labeling, and the competitive structure of markets. He will teach our senior-level agricultural finance course.

    His wife, Tracy Turner, also an economist, will come to Iowa State as an Associate Professor in the Department of Finance.

    Contact John at 369 Heady Hall, 294-1699, jcrespi@iastate.edu.

  • Department welcomes Assistant Professor Ivan Rudik

    The economics department is pleased to welcome Assistant Professor Ivan Rudik to the faculty.

    Rudik earned his B.S. in Economics from Rochester Institute of Technology. He received his M.A. in Economics from the University of Arizona and recently received his Economics Ph.D. from that same institution.

    His research interests include Climate Change, Renewable Energy, and Risk and Uncertainty and his working papers cover climate change and energy policy.

    Ivan's position is part of a College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Focus Area that includes biological, physical, and social scientists and communications experts all working on issues related to the field of sustainability science. This year he'll teach a section of Principles of Microeconomics and a graduate level course on advanced computational methods in economic research.

    You can contact Ivan at 479 Heady Hall, 294-2241, or at irudik@iastate.edu.

  • Thursday's Department Seminar: Li Yu, Central University of Finance and Economics

    "Supported or Supporting? Family Structure and Employment Choice of the Elderly in Urban China"
      Li Yu, Central University of Finance and Economics, Bejing, China, Thursday, Sept. 3, 3:40-5:00 PM, 360 Heady Hall.

    Dr. Li Yu received her Ph.D. in Economics at Iowa State University in 2008. Her research focuses on topics associated with human capital, such as human capital returns, technology adoption, firm size, rural development, migration, and entrepreneurship. Her current project is on firm entry and exit and entrepreneurship.

    Abstract: We study labor supply of the elderly at retirement ages in conjunction with family size and financial transfer to children. Using 2011 CHARLS dataset, we find that parents with more children tend to choose to continue working even after being retired and provide financial support to their children. We find that ceteris paribus having an additional child significantly increases the probability of parents’ reemployment by 10%. There are heterogeneous effects of family size by child gender, marriage status and co-residency status. Elderly parents provide more support to children than vise versa, contrary to Chinese tradition of “raising children for the old age”.

  • Welcome to new first year grad students

    The department welcomes the new graduate students who started class this week. Have a great year!

  • Alumnus Ryan Hrubes passes

    Ryan Hrubes
    , a 2010 graduate of the Ag Business program, died in a car accident in South Dakota on Thursday, Aug. 20. He lived in the Omaha area and had an older brother, Brandon, who graduated from Ag Bus in 2005. His younger brother, Nathan, is currently in our program. The department's condolences go out to the Hrubes family.

    Read the story.

Conferences and Calls for Papers

  • 2015 Conference on Ethics in Higher Education

    Ethics in Practice:  Building a Classroom and Campus Culture for Academic Integrity
    University of Northern Iowa
    Maucker Union
    Friday, Sep. 18, 2015
    More information available

Funding Opportunities

  • Sloan Research Fellowships

    Candidates must hold a tenure track (or equivalent) position.
    Departments are limited to three applications.
    Please contact your department chair for additional application information.

  • Internal competition cancelled

    Please note that the internal competition for the Indo-U.S. 21st Century Knowledge Initiative has been cancelled. A team from ISU was awarded funding through the initiative this week, consequently ISU is no longer eligible to apply. Other open limited submission opportunities are listed below.

    Guidelines for the internal competitions for two NSF opportunities, the RET and NRT, are also attached. Please note the different deadlines for each internal competition.

    NRT Internal Competition

    RET Internal Competition

  • National Science Foundation funds available

    To find new answers, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has funded 17 grants, totaling $1.2 million, to support workshops on the interactions of food, energy and water, or FEW. Additionally, $6.4 million will supplement existing grants, enabling scientists to conduct additional research.
    More information available

  • AJCC Research Foundation soliciting proposals

    American Jersey Cattle Research Foundation
    Funding is in the form of seed grants and averages $6,000 per project.
    More information available

Job Opportunities

  • Nebraska State Government

    Revenue Economist
    Lincoln, NE
    More information available

  • University of Washington

    Post-Doctoral Associate: Understanding Participation and Effort in State and Federal Fisheries along the West Coast
    The School of Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries
    Seattle, WA
    For more information contact: Dan Holland dan.holland@noaa.gov  or (206) 302-1752.

  • University of Connecticut

    Department of Agricultural and Resource
    11-month Assistant Professor
    More information available