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Monday, May 4, 2015


  • Computer labs in 64 and 68 Heady closed during finals week

    Reminder: The labs in 64 and 68 Heady will be used by Engineering-LAS Online Learning as a satellite testing center during finals week. The thin clients will be configured for testing only during finals week, and will not be available for general public use.

    A list of public use labs will be posted in 64 and 68. Ross Hall is the closest public lab.


  • Kling named to National Academy of Sciences

    Catherine Kling, Charles F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor of Agriculture and Life Sciences, professor of economics and the director of the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development at Iowa State, is among 84 new members and 21 foreign associates from 15 countries named to the National Academy of Sciences.

    “It’s with great pride that I learned of Dr. Kling’s election to the National Academy of Sciences,” said ISU President Steven Leath. “Dr. Kling joins some of the most distinguished scientists in the history of this institution as a member of the academy, and I join the rest of the Iowa State University community in congratulating her on this well-deserved honor.”

    “The group of people elected to the National Academy of Sciences is awe-inspiring, and it’s an incredible honor to be among them,” Kling said. “I’ve tried my entire career to emulate the environmental economists in the section of the academy I’ve been elected to. I don’t really have the words to describe what an honor this is.”

    Kling has made numerous contributions to natural resource and environmental economics, conducting innovative research throughout her career that melds environmental science with classical economics. She pioneered research on integrated water quality and economic models to help guide the design and implementation of conservation policies in the Midwest.

    She developed methods to evaluate how people value environmental amenities and how that translates into support for environmental improvements. With that work, Kling helped to start the Iowa Lakes Valuation Project, a long-running survey of Iowans on the use of Iowa lakes that has informed both citizens and policymakers about the value of the state’s water resources.

    Kling, a Bettendorf native, earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Iowa in 1981 and a doctorate in economics from the University of Maryland in 1986. She joined the ISU Department of Economics in 1993 and became the director of the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development in 2013. Her husband, Terry Alexander, also is an ISU economist, and both of her children are enrolled at Iowa State.

    Election to the academy is among the most prestigious honors given to U.S. scientists and engineers. Donald Duvick, an affiliate professor of agronomy elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 2002, was the last ISU scientist to join the academy. Kling is the eleventh ISU faculty member, and the first woman at the university, to receive the honor.

    Those elected on Tuesday bring the total number of active members of the National Academy of Sciences to 2,250 and the total number of foreign associates to 452. Foreign associates are nonvoting members of the academy, with citizenship outside the United States.

    The National Academy of Sciences is a private, nonprofit institution that was established under a congressional charter signed by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863. It recognizes achievement in science by election to membership, and—with the National Academy of Engineering, Institute of Medicine, and National Research Council—provides science, technology, and health policy advice to the federal government and other organizations.

  • Grad assistants receive teaching excellence awards


    Congratulations to four graduate assistants who received Iowa State’s Teaching Excellence Award for the 2014-2015 academic year. Diego Soares-Cardoso, Niklaus Julius, Adam Pendry (left to right), and Shufen Chen (not shown) were honored for their hard work and patience in working with students!


Graduate Student Announcements

  • Graduate college scholarships available

    The Graduate College has scholarship awards available to current domestic students who are pursuing a master's degree. Scholarships are based on financial need (applicants must have filed a FAFSA form), academic achievement, and demonstrated leadership and service. Preference will be given to students who plan to continue at Iowa State University for a doctoral degree.
    More information available

Department Seminars and Workshops

  • Wednesday's Econometrics Workshop/Econ 693 Presentation: Matthew Simpson

    Matthew Simpson will speak on "A Sliding Scale of Partial Identification:
    Weakening Partial Identifcation Assumptions for Credibility."
    May 6, 1:10 -2:00 pm
    360 Heady Hall

  • Wednesday's Environmental Economics Workshop/Econ 693 Presentation: T.J. Rakitan

    T.J. Rakitan will speak on "Rents, Yields and Hydraulic Fracturing: the Case of North Dakota."
    May 6, 4:10 -5:00 pm
    360 Heady Hall

  • Thursday's Agricultural Economics Workshop/Econ 693 Presentation: Gaurav Arora

    Gaurav Arora will speak on "The Role of Ethanol Plants in Dakotas Land Use Change: Analysis Using Remotely Sensed Data."
    May 7, 3:40 -5:30 pm
    368A Heady Hall

Funding Opportunities

  • Searle Database on Technology Standards and Standard Setting Organizations

    The Searle Center on Law, Regulation, and Economic Growth is issuing a call for proposals for academic research projects using the Searle Center’s database on Technology Standards and Standard Setting Organizations.
    More information available

Job Opportunities