Welcome to the Department of Economics at Iowa State University. We provide the intellectual home to a set of dedicated and talented faculty, motivated and extremely capable staff, and a diverse group of enthusiastic undergraduate and graduate students.

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What is Economics?

Economics is the study of what individuals, institutions, and economic systems do, or should do, as they deal with the problem of satisfying virtually unlimited wants with scarce resources. Economics deals with choices and optimization, typically embedded in a market system where the notion of equilibrium is essential and where prices play a crucial role. Economics provides a logical and ordered way of looking at a wide variety of issues, and the principles of economics are finding growing applicability in a number of fields. An  understanding of economic concepts can provide substantial personal and social benefits.


Econ undergrads present research at Capitol

Deepak Premkumar and Jennifer Horsager, department undergrads majoring in economics, presented their research at the Research in the Capitol, April 1. Undergraduate students from Iowa's three state universities displayed posters and described their research to legislators, reporters, and top university administrators at the annual event at the State Capitol building in Des Moines. (Participants from Iowa State University are pictured left.)

Coordinated by the University Honors Program, all undergraduate students are eligible and encouraged to apply. Twenty research projects are selected each year to represent Iowa State. Submissions are evaluated by topic, relevance to legislative interests, and geographic representation.

Former department administrator Ebert passes

Wesley Ebert, long-time administrative coordinator for the Department of Economics, recently passed away at the age of 89 years. Following is a link to his obituary: http://www.chetryanmortuary.com/obituary/123900/Wesley-Ebert-of-Nevada-I...

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